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Professional phone services for any businesses.

The telephone remains the ultimate business tool, allowing you to talk to clients and customers directly sharing information in real time. But phone bills can be a massive financial drain for smaller companies. Now, thanks to recent leaps in communications technology, you can enjoy state-of-the-art communications at a fraction of the price of traditional calls.

Make use of your company’s broadband by installing a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system to communicate with remote offices without expensive per minute charges or tying up valuable incoming phone lines. This means you can reduce the amount of expensive landlines and work from virtually anywhere.

Intersect Technology will provide and install a phone system that’s:

Affordable – Inexpensive compared to other phone systems with similar features
Easy to use – With an intuitive, user-friendly interface
Reliable – A system that has been around for years and millions of calls
Mobile – Calls can be taken in other locations, through your laptop or forwarded to a mobile phone

Act Now! If your company is not making the most of it's phone system, you’re putting your whole business at risk. Your clients need to communicate with you and don't let your phone system limit that communication. Don’t expose yourself to the competition and allow them to get a foothold in your business.

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