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For high levels of productivity, head for the Cloud

The future is in the Cloud and Intersect Technology can show you the way. With our cloud services, upgrading and maintaining your IT is easier than ever. Your technology, software and applications are hosted. This means no more expensive new infrastructure or annual payments to license new software or upgrade old programs.

Cloud Services from Intersect Technology lets you harness the power of your IT and focus on your business while saving you money.

Cloud Services from Intersect Technology are:

Scalable – Your technology can grow as your business does
Tailor-made – For your specific needs
Mobile – Accessible from phones and tablets
Affordable – Cost-effective technology with no need to upgrade

Our Cloud Services include tools to keep your business running smoothly including:

Web Hosting – Our Web services include everything to put your business online from development and planning to site set-up, maintenance and hosting.
Hosted SharePoint – Real-time collaboration, online file storage and editing. You can also manage Wikis and mailboxes with one simple solution.
Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Improve your business communications with email and collaboration tools including shared calendars, tasks, contacts and public folders. For mobile use and one low price, add on BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices.
Email/Spam Protection - While email is vital for your company’s communication and for storing critical business data, it can also be a real threat to your data. Online attacks are increasingly prevalent, including SPAM, phishing, viruses and malware. You need protection that keeps your systems safe around the clock.

These dynamic solutions can be adapted to meet the exacting needs of your company. The Cloud can help your company increase market share, enjoy greater efficiency and a better bottom line.

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