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Give your staff relief from technology headaches with Managed Services from Intersect Technology. See how we can act as your personal IT department.
Build a castle that protects your company from unexpected disasters. Our Disaster Recovery services protect your company's valuable data.
Now is the time to create a long-term partnership for business success with IT Consulting from Intersect Technology.

Having IT problems in North Carolina and beyond? Call Intersect Technology for the best computing solutions.

Whether your company produces products or provides services, Intersect Technology's computer experts can keep systems running smoothly so you can work in your business instead of working on your business and provide you with the best client relationship throughout North Carolina and beyond.

All companies these days rely on some form of IT. It is our data and voice networks that allow us to communicate with clients, store files and organize the work activities. But like any system, your data and voice networks need an occasional repair or modification to ensure they are running properly, and as systems become ever more complex and sophisticated, you'll need to call on experts. This is where Intersect Technology can help.

We keep you ahead of the technology curve and provide IT and communication solutions tailored for your business. Because we have the ability to monitor your network to avoid breakdowns we can offer our services either at an hourly rate or a flat rate proactive plan so you are assured of long-term growth and stability. With our economically priced solutions we can:

  • Increase your output by making sure there is little or no IT downtime.
  • Reduce your stress over technology and partner with you to educate and guide you into the future.
  • Make sure your costly technology meets your needs and ensures you fully utilize your IT investment.
  • Keep your networks secure against hackers, viruses and data theft.

With the support of Intersect Technology, you will be able to devote your time to developing and growing your business. We offer our services and solutions to companies large and small in North Carolina, plus the southern Virginia region. We can remove the stress, hassle and unanticipated bills that come with IT, we want to help you delight in smoother consistent operations and meet your ongoing business goals.